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10 Comments Posted

wayne o tucker says:
September 01, 2017 04:05PM
hey cody this is wayne o tucker and i am happy
with your service and you did your good job and
thank you and god bless
Anne Kaskewicz says:
January 18, 2013 09:40PM
Cody cleaned our carpet fro us, when he finished the carpet
looked brand new. We have 6 pets who some of them urinate
on the carpet he got all the pet orders out. He is professional,
friendly, and he will make sure the job is done right. I would
highly recommend him
Julie Webb says:
January 15, 2013 09:19AM
What a great newsletter! When can you come clean my
carpet in San Antonio! I haven't found anyone, yet!
I like your trustworthiness! God bless you!
Michael A says:
January 11, 2013 03:35PM

Hello all,

Since you're reading this testimonial about Cody and Mountain
Fresh Carpet Care, you already expect me to give him glowing
reviews. You will find it here, but you may not be expecting to
hear why I exclusively use and refer Cody. First thing you'll
notice is Cody is friendly, sincere and honest, too. Only after
he has done a task for you will you notice his persistence and
patience in removing challenging stains on carpets or furniture.
Most companies do want to "hit and run". Cody does not. He
will persist on your behalf in removing stubborn stains. The
second thing you may notice is his investment in very powerful
steam equipment. No shortcuts or cheapness here. He uses
powerful equipment for a reason: it's simply the best way of
providing the best result.

I am one of the neat freaks you meet who does obsess about
presentation, particularly of my home, my carpets, and my
automobile. I have much experience with many people over
many years of having things cleaned. Cody is simply the best,
and his equipment is the best. You can't do better.

Michael A. Colorado Springs, Colorado
Becky says:
January 07, 2013 05:12PM
We had a drain back up and flood our office space. Mountain
Fresh came out, removed the excess water, treated the floors
and wall edges with a mildew resistant treatment, cleaned the
carpets and set them up to dry overnight! They looked great!!
Courteous! Affordable! Prompt service!
shelley says:
December 11, 2012 02:37PM
Outstanding Sevice and integrity
Mandie Hoehne says:
December 04, 2012 09:29AM
Cody with Mountain Fresh took care of our carpet after our
basement flooded with the big hail storm and rain this summer.
He came over in our short timing, very quickly and effeciently.
New pad and cleaned carpet and its good as new.
Robert Flanegin says:
November 30, 2012 10:06AM
Mountain Fresh cleaned my carpets and they look amazing
not only that they got out a ink stain I thought would never
get out. Thanks Mountain Fresh.
Ken Shooley says:
November 30, 2012 09:01AM
Cody with Mountain Fresh has been cleaning the carpets in all
my rentals for for ten years. He pay attention to detail. I highly
recommend them.
Ted J. says:
November 16, 2012 03:54PM
Mountain Fresh did an excellent job on our carpet! We didn't think it could be saved, but it looks as good as new. Thanks, guys!


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